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    download  Amdex monitors.PDF  1,034.9 K
    download  Casper monitors.PDF  1,486.3 K
    download  Conographic monitors.PDF  773.3 K
    download  CTX monitors ad (1991).PDF  1,679.1 K
    download  Hyundai Monitors (1990).PDF  1,056.5 K
    download  LaserView Monitor.pdf  3,432.0 K
    download  Mitsubishi montiors.PDF  1,021.2 K
    download  NEC MultiSync monitors.PDF  3,121.2 K
    download  Nissei Monitors.PDF  3,665.5 K
    download  Panasonic monitors.PDF  1,383.8 K
    download  Samsung monitors ad (1991).PDF  1,513.4 K
    download  Samtron VGA monitor ad (1991).PDF  683.0 K
    download  Seiko Instruments SII CM-1440 CM-1450 monitor ad (1990).PDF  865.7 K
    download  Wyse monitors.PDF  1,468.2 K
    download  Zenith monitors.PDF  603.8 K

    All materials on this site belong to their respective copyright holders and are here for historical purposes only.
    Should your company or organization desire to have their materials removed, see Removal of Materials.

    The goal of The Computer Archive is to preserve the history of the companies and products that advanced the computer revolution featuring PDF scans of vintage computer and software ads, literature and related information. Its mission has expanded a bit to include a little documention and a place to post printer and typewriter samples.