June 2019 - I am back to working on the site and expect to be posting some new stuff, including a bunch of public domain / shareware files from my diskette archives.

These links below here do not work and are leftover from my previous web hosting destroying the site. Grrrrr. They're on the to-do list of things to rebuild.

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download  Aldus PageMaker 1986.pdf  2,653.7 K
download  Aldus PageMaker Mac 2.0 Technical Specifications.pdf  1,479.1 K
download  Aldus PageMaker Mac and PC 3.0 Technical Specifications.pdf  5,166.7 K
download  Buzzwords Intl - FoxToolBox.PDF  849.2 K
download  Computer Associates - SuperCalc 3 Release 2.1.PDF  666.7 K
download  Computer Associates - SuperCalc 4 1987.pdf  596.6 K
download  Fox Software - FoxBase Plus Mac.PDF  1,545.9 K
download  Javelin Plus (1987).pdf  3,119.0 K
download  Lotus 1-2-3 Report Writer (1985).pdf  1,413.3 K
download  Lotus 1-2-3.PDF  1,180.3 K
download  Microsoft Word 5.0 DOS (1988).pdf  4,373.5 K
download  Selling Microsoft Project.PDF  877.5 K
download  Ventura Publisher.PDF  1,114.5 K

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The goal of The Computer Archive is to preserve the history of the companies and products that
advanced the computer revolution featuring PDF scans of vintage computer and software ads,
literature and related information.