June 2019 - I am back to working on the site and expect to be posting some new stuff, including a bunch of public domain / shareware files from my diskette archives.

These links below here do not work and are leftover from my previous web hosting destroying the site. Grrrrr. They're on the to-do list of things to rebuild.

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download  Bondwell 8.PDF  1,075.0 K
download  Compaq Portable 386.PDF  1,003.5 K
download  Compaq Portable II.PDF  937.2 K
download  Compaq Portable III.PDF  1,185.6 K
download  DataVue newsletter newspaper 'Datagram' vol 1 no 4 (1987).pdf  3,854.4 K
download  IBM PC Convertible.PDF  1,048.1 K
download  Mini-Micro TSI Professional System 2 Laptop 386 July 1987.pdf  593.6 K
download  Momenta pen tablet computer (1991).pdf  19,787.3 K
download  NEC MultiSpeed.PDF  925.2 K
download  Panasonic Exec. Partner FT-70.pdf  2,117.2 K
download  Panasonic Sr Partner Portable Computer RL-H7000 RL-H7100 (1984).pdf  3,777.6 K
download  Toshiba Price List June 16, 1986.PDF  953.5 K
download  Toshiba T1100 Plus (1986).pdf  2,323.0 K
download  Toshiba T1100.pdf  2,828.6 K
download  Zenith Z-171 portable computer.pdf  1,462.8 K
download  Zenith Z-171.pdf  1,458.0 K
download  Zenith Z-181 portable (1986).pdf  3,235.0 K

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