June 2019 - I am back to working on the site and expect to be posting some new stuff, including a bunch of public domain / shareware files from my diskette archives.

These links below here do not work and are leftover from my previous web hosting destroying the site. Grrrrr. They're on the to-do list of things to rebuild.

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download  Advanced Logic Research ALR FlexNode 286 386.PDF  908.3 K
download  ALR FlexCache 20386DT.PDF  816.7 K
download  Ampro SBC Products.PDF  12,919.8 K
download  ATT 6300 Plus.pdf  2,405.4 K
download  ATT 6300.pdf  4,971.9 K
download  ATT PC 6310.pdf  1,472.3 K
download  ATT TrueVision Targa cards.pdf  4,853.9 K
download  Club 286.PDF  931.2 K
download  Compaq DeskPro 286.PDF  1,171.8 K
download  Compaq DeskPro 386 33 Detail Features Specifications (1989).pdf  9,194.8 K
download  Compaq DeskPro 386s (1988).pdf  3,251.4 K
download  Compaq Portable 386 Detailed Features and Specifications (1987).pdf  5,369.5 K
download  Computer Products United systems.PDF  1,286.7 K
download  Dell Computer Catalog 1987.pdf  4,182.5 K
download  Dell-PCsLimited-1987.pdf  4,182.5 K
download  Everex System 1800.PDF  952.2 K
download  Leading Edge Model D.PDF  998.4 K
download  Magitronic 286, 386SX and 386 system ad (1990).PDF  816.3 K
download  Mini-Micro TSI Professional System 2 July 1987.pdf  594.0 K
download  Panasonic FX-600, 800 computers.pdf  1,926.7 K
download  PCs Limited 286.pdf  2,826.1 K
download  PCs Limited System 200 286 1988.PDF  526.7 K
download  Silent Partner Corp.PDF  1,314.5 K
download  Tandy 1000 (1984).pdf  3,255.1 K
download  Wyse pc286.PDF  991.9 K
download  Zenith Z-148 Z-158 Z-200 desktops.pdf  9,699.6 K
download  Zenith Z-386.pdf  1,278.6 K

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The goal of The Computer Archive is to preserve the history of the companies and products that
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